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Swing on Snow bands & musicians

8 bands and musicians of the alpine area meet in March 2017 for a special and extraordinary musical event in the Alpe di Siusi holiday area. Hot sounds and compelling beats resonate with trombones, bass, dulcimer, accordion. And the combinations are among the most diverse, such as sweet Swiss Hanottere accompanied by drums.
In this special ensemble, the members slip into the rule of singer and instrumentalist at the same time. The repertoire consists in an entity similar to a kaleidoscope, where very different and sometimes distant genres are united. Essential from the beginning were the joy of making music and the nonchalance which emerges from the gentlemen slightly turned grey.

The folksmilch trio bring together a number of musical styles in a harmonious blend of passionate tango, virtuoso classical music and stirring Balkan swing.

When Ethno Underground meets the sounds of the Alps and rousing rhythms fuse with alphorn and Alpine zither, then you know you’re listening to the Kerberbrothers.

The acoustic ensemble of Switzerland and Tyrol meets folkloristic treasures of songs including the local and immediate here and now. The musical paths cross various regional dialects and tonal colorations, in which tradition, classic and contemporary elements become blurred.

Moving simplicity on a multitude of musical instruments: Neoländler is an exhilarant band from Emmental, experimenting with the strength of elementary music: fiddling, plucking, blowing, bowing, striking, yodeling and singing.

This 6-piece band featuring singer and saxophonist Helga Plankensteiner and pianist Michael Lösch spans the genres of klezmer, Dixieland and chansons from the 1920s.

The Spafulda quartet, composed of Bernadette and Lucia Froihofer with their brother Gabriel and the talented Daniel Fuchsberger , play with passion, originality and exuberance. The term Spafulda is used to define an unusual character, a lovable joker or an individual who wields his flashlight and when a Spafulda plays, then he does it with passionate notes, with a touch of humor and originality.

Die Strottern & Blech
The ones who have heard the group “Die Strottern & Blech” once, will not be able to get rid of them anymore. Their songs stay in the minds and hearts of every listener. The Strottern have interpreted typical Viennese songs with elements of Jazz and Blues music, in a very clever and future-oriented way, with amusing lyrics.

Swing on Snow Band
A mobile and flexible constellation of 5 open-minded guys present melody, harmony and rhythm in terms of a rebirth of traditional folk - and other songs...

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