E-bike charging station at the bus station of Seis

Krausen square 1 39040 Kastelruth
E-Bike charging station Siusi

The free of charge and freely accessible e-Bike charging station is located directly at the bus station in Seis am Schlern.

The charging cabinets, each with 2 sockets and 2 USB plugs, are accessible free of charge. The battery can either be stowed directly in the charging cabinet or the cable is fed to the bike through an opening in the cabinet door. Batteries of Mobile devices such as smartphones can also be charged, for this purpose the devices are locked inside the lockers, in which bicycle helmets and smaller backpacks can be stored as well. The only thing you have to bring yourself is the charging cable.


An RFID card such as the SüdtirolPass, hotel card, ATM card, etc. is needed to use the e-bike charging stations. Not the card data is read, but the identification number of the chip inside the card. The user has to swipe the card over the card reader under the display.


The user thus gains immediate access to the charging station and is assigned a charging locker, and follows the instructions on the display. Once the charger and helmet are stowed, the user closes the locker and the charging cycle starts. When returning to the station, the user swipes the same card again over the reader below the display. The user is recognised and the previously used compartment opens again. After removing all items, the user closes the locker and thus clears it for the next person.

There is an underground car park under the bus station.

Recommended period
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December