Sunrise hike on the Rosszahn ridge with breakfast in the Tierser Alpl hut

Hikes/trips Seiser Alm
“Morning is the golden hour”. Never a truer word was said, as you’ll see when you get to the Rosszahnscharte wind gap high above the Seiser Alm and behold the glow of early-morning light over the Dolomites at dawn.
The hike begins in Compatsch, together with the mountain guides. You will hike together towards Panorama and, later, cross the slopes of the Goldknopf at the foot of the Rosszahn crest. A narrow hiking trail then winds upwards in a steep ascent to the Rosszahn ridge (2,499 m), for the breath-taking beauty of the sunrise. Just a few minutes’ walk from here will take you to the Tierser Alpl mountain refuge, where you can recharge your batteries for the descent with a mountain breakfast.

Duration of the hike (without rest): 2:20 h to Rosszahn ridge (6,2 km; 662m uphill), 10 min from Rosszahn ridge to Tierser Alpl mountain refuge (0,7 km; 56 m downhill), 2:05 h from Tierser Alpl mountain refuge to Compatsch (6,9 km; 56 m uphill, 663 m downhill).

Difficulty: medium / good physical condition is required

Number of participants: min. 5 people / max. 15 people

IMPORTANT: in addition to standard hiking clothes, you also need good hiking boots, a wind jacket, approx. 500 ml of fluids and possibly a hat, gloves and hiking poles. You will be provided with a headlamp at the meet-up point.

Participation fee: 55,00 € per person
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