Confectionery Andreas

Schlernstraße 18/B 39040 Seis am Schlern/Siusi allo Sciliar

Confectionery Andreas - Tradition and modern spirit united

It doesn't matter if Strudel, "Zelten", sacher cake and Danish pastry or better 3-D cakes, slices made of mango and passion fruit, cake with poppy seed and mountain cranberry, cookies with buckwheat...we have something for each taste.

Apple strudel:
The Apple strudel is made out of shortcrust or puff paste. You can get it in pieces or as a whole.

Praline & Macaron:
These sweet and selfmade seductions we make on special occasions like Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter and Christmas.

Cookies / Christmas bakery:
A little selection of cookies we have in our range the whole year.
At christmas you can choose between 30 different sorts of cookies.

"Panettone / Pandoro":
At christmas-time and at the end of the year we offer selfmade "Pandoro" and "Panettone". The "Panettone" you can choose between classic, with sultana and candy fruit, or one with chocolate and walnut.

It is a good idea if you need a typical and regional pastry for christmas or even to get energy on a hiking trip; you will find the "Zelten" in our range in winter as well as in summer.

At christmas time we have the "Stollen" in our range. It is made with sultana, candy fruits and almond.

Lucky charm:
For the end of the year and for a good beginning of the new one we create some lucky charms (made out of almond paste) in 4 different forms:
Pig, Mushroom, horseshoe and cube.

There is always a reason to celebrate. For this we are specialized on the design and forms of different cakes.
We create cakes for birthday, baptism, first communion, confirmation or wedding with individual decoration and marking. A 3-D beer mug or a princess-cake...there is hardly anything we can't create.

In the summer we create our selfmade spreads made out of regional fruits.
With spreads of Strawberry, raspberry, forest fruits and apricot your breakfast will be a Highlight.

Hen & Bunny made of yeast dough:
It's an old tradition that on all Saints' Day the goddaughter receives a yeast dought-hen from the godparent and the godson receives a yeast dough-bunny. The breezy and sappy pastry we prepare, handmade, in three different sizes.

The "Fochaz" is a traditional easter-dish in South Tyrol. It's a Easterbread with aniseed, which we make in three different sizes. The name "Fochaz" comes from the Ladin word "Focaccia" which means "ovenbread". The tradition says that who eats a piece of the "Fochaz" will get a special blessing.

The Confectionery Andreas is situated on the right side of the main road; at the opposite side of the gas station (coming from Kastelruth).

July 1 2021 - September 1 2021
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September 2 2021 - June 30 2021
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