Seis am Schlern

Seiser Alm Balance: Mental training & grounding

Short hike from Siusi to the gardens of the
Mirabell Alpine Garden Resort & Spa followed by mental training & grounding.
Switching off and relaxing... easier said than done, in these times of round-the-clock reachability and digital information overload. Relaxation and mindful awareness are fundamental to our mental health, and help us to deal with stress and day-to-day concerns. Nature helps us to heighten our senses, and to connect with ourselves and with mother Earth. Easy mindfulness and grounding exercises, together with breathing techniques and mental training, relax our brains and soothe our bodies.

Ruth Rieder is a certified neuromental trainer, burnout prevention coach, expert in Alpine forest bathing, and nature and outdoor instructor. In her blend of mental training and outdoor exercise, she combines adventure with relaxation and provides precious advice on how to gain greater balance.

If you book a stay in one of the Balance partner accommodation in the period between 5th May and 2nd July 2022, you can participate in this event FREE OF CHARGE. Here you can find the Balance partner accommodation:
Useful informations / what to bring
You will need: a towel, warm clothing suitable for the weather and waterproof sports shoes.
The refund of the paid amount in case of cancellation will be made only upon presentation of the receipt and if the cancellation is notified at least 24 hours before the start of the event.
Service description
The price includes the hike from Siusi to the gardens of the
Mirabell Alpine Garden Resort & Spa followed by the "mental training" session with the professional trainer Ruth Rieder, rental of a yoga mat and a sustainable bottle.
Registration required
Yes, at the tourist offices until 3:00 pm on the day before the event or online