The best snow park in Italy offers numerous attractions for kids:
  • Family Fun Line
  • Easy Line
  • Ski school courses
  • Perfect care and maintenance
At the fun park on the Seiser Alm, kids can get their first taste of freestyling on the Family Fun line and try their hand at the "daredevil" slope with its steep curves, a slalom slope and a couple of smaller, child-friendly obstacles for variety. On the easy-line boxes, kids can attempt their first jumps on skis or snowboard and feel the freedom of freestyling, while on a beginner’s course at the ski school, they can discover the secrets of jumps and tricks while they learn how to stay safe in the fun park.

Four shapers groom the Seiser Alm Snow Park to perfection every day, making it one of the safest terrain parks in the Dolomites.