Farmer´s Museum in Tschötscher Hof

Krausplatz 1 39040 Castelrotto/Kastelruth
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Farmer´s Museum in Tschötscher Hof S. Osvaldo is a district of Castelrotto located on a fertile high-altitude plateau which extends over the precipitous slopes high above the Val d'Isarco. Michl Jaider of the Tschötscherhof remembers the old days before the war well – back when everyone had to pull his own weight when plowing the cornfields, helping with the hay harvest, working in barns and stalls or in vineyards. When he took over the farm and the adjacent inn from his father, the modern era had already begun. Tractors replaced yoked oxen, automatic threshers replaced scythes, and the growing of grain was displaced by the more-profitable dairy industry. Of course, all of the old equipment was now only in the way, but the young Michl didn't want to throw it away. Too many vivid memories from his childhood were connected with it… Admission ticket: volontary contribution Categories: Farmer, Craft, culture, Popular culture, Etnography March 1 - November 30 Thu-Tue 9 am - 20 pm

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