King Laurin and his Rosengarten

Via S. Giorgio 79 39050 Tires al Catinaccio/Tiers am Rosengarten
General description

The legend of the King Laurin

A long time ago at the Catinaccio was the King Laurin.

The hard-working dwarfs lived there. One day the King esposed his daughter Similde with another King of the Adige. All the noble people were invited but he does not. So he decided to go on this competition with a magic hood as a invisible guest to see his beautiful Similde. He saw her and fell in love with Similde.

The King took her on his horse and rode away. Similde's husband and his cavaliers was searching her. King Laurin knew that they are coming so he took the miracle belt to got more power. They fight each other and the King saw that he has no chance. So he decide to take his magic hood again and to jump throw the Catinaccio. The cavaliers saw the movement of the roses and captured him.

He was so angry that the Catinaccio betrayed him, so he cursed them: Neither day nor night should anyone ever see him. Laurin forgot the dusk and so it comes that today we can see it with his blooming roses for a short time...

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