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The Skeleton of Hauenstein

Via Sciliar/Schlernstraße 16 39040 Seis am Schlern/Siusi allo Sciliar
General description

About an hour from Seis you will find the ruins of Hauenstein on an enormous mountain slope. These ruins were once home to poet and singer Oswald von Wolkenstein, and every so often in the still of the night, one can hear the sounds of violins and the mournful song of a maiden who is said to have been bewitched there. Late one evening, shepherds were guarding their flocks around the castle. They sat to rest at the entrance to the castle and recounted one tale after another. All of a sudden, they sensed that somebody in the castle had opened a window. They looked up and saw, through the shimmering light of the open window, a woman combing her long hair. Her head, however, was but a skull, and the shepherds blood curdled at the sight of such beautiful hair growing from a head so fearsome. The woman threw stones and sand at the flock of sheep, who ran in terror. They say that the skeleton is the wife of a banished knight, destined to roam the castle until the return of her lost spouse.

description to arrive at destination

You have to park at the valley station of the Siusi - Alpe di Siusi aerial cableway. From here starts the "Oswald von Wolkenstein" path, which leads you to the ruin Castelvecchio/Hauenstein (about 1 hour by foot).

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