Südtirol/Alto Adige Balance

Centre yourself with the power of nature
Recharge your batteries and improve your well-being: Südtirol/Alto Adige Balance is an offer for all those who want to replenish their energy in the spring months. Selected, expert-guided experiences and nature’s own spirit of optimism create the setting for an outstanding holiday. Practical tips inspire you to find more balance in all areas of your life, and self-guided trails and sites of Balance are waiting for you to explore them!  

As the countryside awakens in spring, the urge to get out into the open air gets ever stronger and draws us out into the great outdoors and the spring air. “Active and healthy in spring” is the order of the day in the Alpe di Siusi holiday area. A variety of training sessions and workshops on the theme of health, balance, nutritious diet, optimal training techniques for runners and equipment will ensure you have all the basics you need to get the fresh air and hiking and running season off to a good start.
Guided Balance Experiences (01.05. – 28.06.2017)
Orthopaedic foot analysis and the right equipment for walking and running
Advices about the right shoes for your feet
02.05. - 19.06.2017
Balance and activation with the Five Tibetans®
A simple, effective method to bring your body into balance
02.05. - 22.06.2017
Morning daybreak walk & run with panoramic breakfast
Physical activity in the morning is the best way to kick-start the day
03.05. - 21.06.2017
Wood-run –running surface and the positive effects of the wood
The wood as source of regeneration
05.05. - 23.06.2017
Nature: The fitness studio for old and young
Simple exercises with and in nature
06.05. - 24.06.2017
Journey in the world of herbs – from the garden in the cooking pot
Guided hike and a 3-course meal at the herb farm
07.06. - 28.06.2017

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