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Swing on Snow bands & musicians

8 bands and musicians of the alpine area meet in March 2019 for a special and extraordinary musical event in the Alpe di Siusi holiday area. Hot sounds and compelling beats resonate with trombones, bass, dulcimer, accordion. And the combinations are among the most diverse, such as sweet Swiss Hanottere accompanied by drums.
Frisch g’strichn
Frisch g’strichn from the Val Pusteria/Pustertal Valley, instantly recognisable for their outstandingly vibrant, upbeat style, reinterpret traditional pieces and well-chosen folk music with such zest and energy that no listener could fail to get up onto the dance floor. When this band takes the stage the Alpe di Siusi is a blaze of warmth, even in winter.

Die Seltsamen Senfsamen
In 2015, 5 young musicians from the Gries band set out together on an innovative, mesmerising musical venture. Dazzling brass players accompanied by sax and drums perform fabulous pieces for old and young, rockers and jazz fiends, marquee party animals and brass-loving lounge lizards.

Tiger Dixie
100 years after the first Original Dixieland Jazz Band cut the first jazz record, the Tiger Dixie Band set themselves to recreating the sound of the “golden years” of jazz with a studied, contemporary approach to this style of music, and a reinterpretation of New Orleans, Chicago Style and the Charleston using original instruments of the time.

Sax Four Fun & Woodstone
"Ethnos" is the outcome of a musical merger between Sax Four Fun and Woodstone. Through their innovative selection of original pieces by Fiorenzo Zeni and Max Castlunger, Ethnos have created a bridge between worlds of music far removed from each other in space and time. The union between percussion and woodwind is a brotherhood which harks back to the very beginnings of musical history when our primal ancestors beat out rhythms on tree trunks and stones to accompany vocals and bone flutes.

A fearless revival of yesteryear: 5 jazz musicians roar and whisper with endless spontaneity, joy in playing and a sensitive feel for their instruments in a range which embraces jazz, folk, pop, dance and cinema music. Everything’s possible and nobody knows what‘s going to come next - not even the musicians themselves.

Folksmilch’s music is an acoustic melange of musical styles flowing harmoniously into one another. The result is a chamber-music crossover: Passionate tango, masterly classical, stirring Balkan swing and musical cabaret interludes all come together to form a seamless harmony of sound and style. The core line-up of violin, accordion and double bass underscores both the folk-roots and the classic, romantic side of the trio.

Katrin Unterlercher, Mirjam Reinstadler, Gabi Amon and Romana Hauser joined forces in 2014 to tread a shared musical path. All four have their roots in Alpine folk music; through their studies into a variety of styles they expanded their musical horizons to a whole new “whole,” and forged a deep friendship into the bargain. Given that the Kaiser mountains are, or were, home to all the musicians, their band – Kaiserspiel, or “Music of the Kaiser” – practically named itself.

In this special ensemble, the members slip into the rule of singer and instrumentalist at the same time. The repertoire consists in an entity similar to a kaleidoscope, where very different and sometimes distant genres are united. Essential from the beginning were the joy of making music and the nonchalance which emerges from the gentlemen slightly turned grey.

The acoustic ensemble of Switzerland and Tyrol meets folkloristic treasures of songs including the local and immediate here and now. The musical paths cross various regional dialects and tonal colorations, in which tradition, classic and contemporary elements become blurred.

Swing on Snow Band
A mobile and flexible constellation of 5 open-minded guys present melody, harmony and rhythm in terms of a rebirth of traditional folk - and other songs...

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