Völs am Schlern

Stanglerhof: aperitif, buffet and concert - Stefano Giordani

In his charismatic one-man-bad, Giordani is the king of his special guitar - a mix of guitar and bass - and not only because he is the only one who plays it. Music full of groove and charm, fully reflecting the search for new frontiers in the stylistic melting pot that is contemporary music.

Stefano Giordani - voice, guitar


6.00 p.m. doors open, take a seat and enjoy an aperitivo


7.30: STANGLER BUFFET: €27,00 (students with valid ID €16,00)
Buffet with appetizers, salads, first and main course and sweet finale - the courses are served one after the other, so if you come late you might miss part of the buffet

We ask you to make a reservation in any case (even if you only plan to come to the concert later) +39 348 8659739 /


9:00 p.m. Begin Concert - FREE ENTRY|DONATIONS WELCOME
Registration required
Yes, +39 348 865 9739 /