Angling and fishing in the Dolomites region Seiser Alm

Angling & Fishing

The ponds and lakes in the Dolomites region Seiser Alm make the region an attractive place for angling and fishing. The majority of the waters courses is stocked with trout. While locals in South Tyrol require a fishing license and a fishing certification, guests are permitted to purchase the necessary license while on holiday. This is valid for ten years. In addition, each person needs a daily pass for fishing. Here you can discover the best water courses for angling and fishing in the Dolomites region Seiser Alm.

Fishing is possible in the Dolomites region Seiser Alm in:


  • Dosler Weiher pond
  • Marinzenweiher pond

Seis am Schlern

  • Furscherweiher pond
Völs am Schlern:
  • Huber Weiher pond
  • Gfliererweiher pond
  • Grossmooserweiher pond

The rivers are all private and cannot be fished!

Fishing license

Fishing requires a permit (fishing licence):
Dolomite VillagesPondLicence available at
Seis am Schlen

  • Dosler Weiher pond
  • Marinzen Weiher pond
  • Furscherweiher pond


Café Stern
Tel. 0471 706382
Plattenstraße 5
39040 Kastelruth

Tel. 0471 707158
Paniderstraße 26
39040 Kastelruth

Furschermühle Restaurant
Tel. 3292749224
Feldererweg 8
39040 Seis am Schlern

Pizzeria Santners
Tel. 0471 707678
Seiser Alm Cable Way
39040 Seis am Schlern
Day ticket  20,00€
 Völs am Schlern
  • Huber Weiher
  • Gfliererweiher
Parkplatz am Völser Weiher
Weiherstraße 28
39050 Völs am Schlern

Altes Gasthaus am Völser Weiher
Tel. +39 0471/725072
Weiherstraße 29/A
39050 Völs am Schlern

Alpin Roof
Tel. +39 0471/725025
Boznerstraße 5
39050 Völs am Schlern
 Day ticket  20,00€

Annual card:

  • Völs am Schlern: The annual fishing pass costs 220.00 € and is available at the Raiffeisenkasse Völs am Schlern (also for guests). With this you can fish 2 x per week in the Huber Weiher pond and 2 x in the Gfliererweiher pond.

  • Seis am Schlern and Kastelruth: The annual fishing pass costs 200.00 € and is available at the Raiffeisenkasse Kastelruth, from David Malfertheiner (also for guests). With this pass it is possible to fish everyday, also at Radlmoos pond (Bühlen) and St. Oswald.

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