Getting to the Seiser Alm (OPEN AERIAL CABLEWAY):
The road to the landscape conservation area Seiser Alm is closed to private traffic from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. During this time you can get to the Seiser Alm by the Seiser Alm cable car or bus. Before 9:00 a.m. and after 5:00 p.m. the road for private traffic is only allowed up to Compatsch.

A ticket system for the allocation of parking spaces on the Seiser Alm has been introduced. This means that the limited available parking spaces on the Seiser Alm can be better organised. Already in St. Valentin, you have to decide in which parking area P1 (Spitzbühl) or P2 (Compatsch) you would like to park. Accordingly, visitors are given a parking ticket for P1 OR for P2. The parking area P2 in Compatsch costs €26.50 per day for cars (equivalent to the tariff for a roundtrip ticket with the Seiser Alm cable car) and €160.00 for buses.

Especially at weekends and when the weather is particularly nice, it can happen that the road closes even before 09.00 when the parking capacity on the Seiser Alm is reached!

People with an official European Disability Card
can drive to the Seiser Alm up to Compatsch by car at any time, where you will find specially reserved and free parking spaces. The disability card should be clearly visible behind the windshield in the car. Handicapped people with a valid ID are also allowed to drive to the Seiser Alm up to Compatsch at any time by car, where you can park for free in the large P2 car park in Compatsch.

Seiser Alm departure:
The departure from Compatsch is possible at any time.

Guests, who have booked a holiday on the Seiser Alm, have the following special permission to use their cars:

• You can arrive and depart from the hotel you have booked at any time.
• During your stay you can drive from your hotel to Compatsch before 10.00am and after 5.00pm. Between 10.00am and 5.00 pm private traffic is not allowed on the Seiser Alm.
• You will receive your special permission to use your car either on your arrival in the Info-Point St. Valentin/S. Valentino or directly from your host.

For information:
Tourist Office Seiser Alm Tel: +39 0471 727904

Special arrangements in the off-season (CLOSED AERIAL CABLEWAY):
During the off-season (middle of April-middle of May and beginning of November-beginning of Dicember) the Seiser Alm cable car remains closed and therefore the road up to Compatsch is open to private traffic all day long. In Compatsch you will find the parking area P2 13,00€ for cars and 80,00€ for buses, the parking fee is only payable from mid-April to mid-May.

Wild camping is strictly prohibited in the Seiser Alm nature reserve and in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park.