Dolomites Cross-country skiing on the Seiser Alm
Dolomites Cross-country skiing on the Seiser Alm
Discover the Dolomites on the cross-country trails.

Dolomites Cross-country skiing on the Seiser Alm

Top cross-country skiing holidays in South Tyrol, Italy

If you’re planning to dedicate your Dolomite holiday to cross-country skiing, the trails on the Seiser Alm, in the heart of the Dolomites, are the place to be. 80 kilometres of cross-country tracks at an altitude of between 1,800 and 2,200 metres are on the Seiser Alm. All the tracks are double or quadruple and perfectly groomed. Whether you opt for skating or classic style, beginner or pro: The Seiser Alm has the right trail for every taste.
When you’re cross-country skiing over the Seiser Alm, you don’t just get the vastness of Europe’s largest mountain plateau to enjoy, but also the Dolomite Mountains: The Langkofel, Plattkofel and the Schlern are practically within hand’s reach. And alongside the beauty of the countryside, the Dolomite region also has a lot to offer when it comes to culinary pleasure: Countless mountain cabins entice you in to enjoy a break and a spot of traditional local food in the cosy atmosphere of a mountain hut.
Winter cross-country skiing on the Seiser Alm with the Langkofel and Plattkofel in the background
Top cross-country skiing holidays in South Tyrol.
80km of sunny cross-country trails on the largest high Alpine pasture in Europe, accompanied by the impressive panorama of the Dolomites: cross-country skiing couldn’t be more beautiful.

Cross-country skiing, where the world's elite trains.

Cross-country skiing in the top athletes' training venue: The Seiser Alm in the Dolomites is high up on the list for pros. Due to the low-oxygen high-altitude air between 1,800 and 2,300 metres above sea level, the Seiser Alm is particularly well suited for professional high-altitude and endurance training. It is an Eldorado for top international teams.

The Norwegian national cross-country team, among them also Petter Northug and Marit Bjørgen, have been using the ideal altitude of the Seiser Alm for their training for years. Moreover also the US Cross Country Team, with Jessica Diggins, winner of the Tour de Ski 20/21 and Julia Kern, as well as the Russian National Cross Country Team with top athlete Aleksander Bolshunov, the superior overall World Cup leader and winner of the Tour de Ski 20/21, were thrilled by the optimal training conditions on the Seiser Alm. The Finnish top cross-country skier Krista Pärmäkoski also took advantage of the altitude training to prepare herself optimally for the Nordic World Ski Championships. The trails on the Seiser Alm are also great favourites with the Italian, Swedish and several other nations.

Seiser Alm DOLOMITES Val Gardena

Together with Val Gardena, the Seiser Alm forms a cross-country skiing area with approx. 100km of trails. The Saltria-Monte Pana trail connects the Seiser Alm with Gröden/Val Gardena, also a paradise for cross-country skiing fans. In the Monte Pana cross-country skiing centre, situated at over 1600 metres at the foot of Langkofel, several trails of all levels of difficulty stretch through the winter landscape. The eight-metre-wide trails are double or quadruple-tracked, and a modern trail-tracking device guarantees perfect skiing pleasure. A highlight: The beautiful Palusc trail leads gently up and down to the Palusc meadows.

Seiser Alm, Val Gardena and even more cross-country skiing spots

Together with Val Gardena, the Seiser Alm is part of the largest cross-country skiing carousel in Europe, Dolomiti NordicSki, with more than 900 kilometres of trails. You can go cross-country skiing for a long time... and enjoy a varied cross-country skiing holiday in South Tyrol.
Information about Seiser Alm/Val Gardena with Dolomiti NordicSki

Safe nordic skiing. Join us!

  • Respect other skiers: Please always ensure that you don’t endanger or cause injury to others.
  • Observe signs and notices: Pay attention to the signs; only ski in the designated direction and with the prescribed technique.
  • Stay right: On double or multiple tracks, stay in the rightmost track. Members of groups ski one after the other in the right track. The same applies to skating.
  • Overtaking: Overtaking is permitted left or right in a free track or outside the track. If safely possible, the skier at the front should give way.
  • Speed and distance: Adjust your speed according to your ability, the terrain, number of visitors and visibility. Keep a sufficient distance from the skier ahead of you.
  • Oncoming traffic: Swerve to the right. In single-track uphill/downhill sections, downhill skiers have priority.
  • Use of poles: When overtaking, being overtaken and during encounters, keep the poles close to the body.
  • Keeping the track free: In the event of a fall or when stopped, please leave the track.
  • Assistance: Everyone present is required to assist with accidents. Witnesses or persons involved must provide their personal details.
  • Times: Skiing on the trails is not permitted outside opening hours.
  • Own risk: Use of the ski track is at your own risk.
SOS 112 - Emergency call