Top athletes from the Italian, Swedish and Norwegian national teams have been using the outstanding slopes on the Seiser Alm for years to train for important races. 80 km of cross-country slopes of varying difficulties invite you to glide on the deep snow blanket covering the Seiser Alm. The Moonlight Classic Marathon, a full moon cross-country race, is a special event recurring every year in the Dolomites Region Seiser Alm.

Seiser Alm Cross Country Accommodation have been developed considering the cross-country skiers’ needs. You can have breakfast from 6 a.m., with a varied menu for athletes focussing on proteins and carbohydrates, including muesli bars and fruit. You can also find up-to-date information on the weather and excursion ideas, and why not book yourself a cross-country ski teacher? In addition, you can check out late in race days. Make the most of the rooms fitted for the preparation of your skis; a washing and tumble-drying service for your clothes is also available.