Explore the nature without barriers - How to reach the Seiser Alm

By cable car:
The Seiser Alm can be reached with the barrier-free Seiser Alm cable car. The spacious cabins are accessible to all and can carry up to 16 people. For reasons of space, wheelchair users have the privilege of priority boarding. Handicapped people receive a discount on the ascent and descent with the Seiser Alm cable car and wheelchair users travel free.

By car to Compatsch:
Handicapped people with a valid ID are allowed to drive at any time by car to the Seiser Alm up to Compatsch/Compaccio, where you will find reserved parking spaces free of charge. If these parking spaces are already all occupied, you can park for free in the large P2 car park in Compatsch. The disability ID should be clearly visible behind the windshield in the car.

By car to Panorama, Piz and Saltria zone: Persons with severe walking disabilities who are not able to use the Seiser Alm Express (bus line 11) will receive a special permit to drive to Panorama, Sonne/Icaro and Saltria. You get the special driving permission either at the Forest station in St. Valentin/San Valentino (from 7.30 a.m. to 10.00 a.m.). The driving permission should also be clearly visible in the car.

You can park in the indicated Panorama, Piz and Saltria zones at the respective restaurants or huts, but you must obtain permission to park there beforehand.