The Schlern massif region is full of mythological creatures and legendary beings whose existence is interwoven with the natural world and especially the mountains. Our forests, meadows, and rocky mountainsides are swarming with countless friendly – but also malevolent – creatures: the "Gannes", water spirits who inhabit springs and who can cure all kinds of ailments with water; the herb women ("Bregostans"), whose magical remedies can bring back a rosy glow to the cheeks of the sick; the "Salvans", wild dwarves or woodland spirits; the "Salingen", happy women who were turned into flowers by King Laurin and who wear beautiful blossoms, though they get gray, matted hair in the autumn; and also dwarves, giants, and "wild folk" of all kinds. Of course, the witches – who can be found especially (but not only) on the Schlern massif, a real witches' mountain – have a position of preeminence; their wild doings are legendary, and they are held responsible for lots of damage caused throughout the land.