Untertrompedeller Schwaige

Dosswiesen/ St. Zyprian, Eingang Tschamintal 39050 Tiers am Rosengarten
We are glad that you have found us!

With us at 1350 meters above sea level, the world is still in order. Grazing cattle in summer, lush alpine meadows, a fantastic view and tasty, local dishes invite hikers and bikers all year round to a hearty hut meal and a hearty Marende.

Our rustic, newly structured alpine hut in the Tiersertal (Dolomites) is a worthwhile destination for the whole family. Whether on foot, by mountain bike, with stroller or baby carrier: the short way to us is suitable for all. You will be rewarded with local dishes, a tasty cake or other regional specialties, together with a good cup of coffee.

  • Alpine hut
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