The King’s Vantage Point in the Laranz forest

O.v.Wolkenstein square 6 39040 Seis am Schlern
Description to arrive at destination

Starting at the sport centre of Laranz in Telfen take the hiking trail into the forest. When reaching the beginning of the mushroom path continue following the signs "Königswarte".

It is also possible to start from Seis or Kastelruth.

There are parking possibilities at the sport center of Laranz or at the swimming pool of Telfen.
General description

The Laranz Forest between Seis and Telfen is the quintessence of a mysterious fairytale forest: The trail through the forest is a gift of peace, strength and inner contemplation. Settlements had already been established on this hilly knoll in the days of Ötzi the Ice Man, and to this day we can still see the Wallburg fortresses of Gschlier and the pre-Christian sacrificial site at the Rungger Egg. The leisurely loop route leads through dappled pine forests to the Königswarte (the "King's Keep"), a spectacular lookout point. Shortly before the Lanzin farms the trail branches off into another loop route, which will take you to a further lookout point, the Katzenlochbühl.

Public transport
The starting point (Telfen) is easily accessible via the following public connections: By bus line 170 from Völs am Schlern, Seis and Kastelruth. From there, a 45-minute hike is necessary to reach the Königswarte.
Recommended period
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December