St. Michael Church

St. Michael 39040 St. Michael/Kastelruth
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From Kastelruth to the north-east into the Val Gardena, you will pass the dispersed settlement of St. Michael before reaching the Panider Pass (1443m). There next to the restaurant St. Michael is the church.
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General description

The church is of Romanesque origin, and its dedication to the archangel also point to its antiquity. However, St. Michael´s Church is not mentioned in any document prior to an indulgence certificate from 1353. Parts of the masonry above the base of the church itself and in the tower are still from the Romanesque period. Gothic modifications were carried out after 1465. The nave was not provided with a vault until the 17th c.

Public transport
From Kastelruth to St. Michael there is the bus nr. 172.
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