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Kuchlkastl Culinary Festival in Völs am Schlern

The "Kuchlkastl" Culinary Festival in Völs am Schlern is a secret tip among gourmets and friends of "down home" cooking, alike. Since 1978, the inkeepers and restaurant owners in Völs have been inviting visitors to partake in the "Gastronomical October". At the close of the season, the best chef cooks of Völs will do their utmost to astonish and enchant you with new variations of traditional dishes - dishes prepared with passion and enjoyed with fine appreciation. If you are in search of original dishes, based on time-honored recipes, but with a modern accent, you ought not to miss this month-long culinary festival in Völs am Schlern.

More information: www.voelserkuchlkastl.com
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