Music on the slopes
Music on the slopes
14.03.-16.03.2024 & 20.03.-22.03.2024
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Swing on Snow

Six days of music on the ski slopes and in the huts on the Seiser Alm and in the villages at the foot of the Sciliar mountain, sweet melodies and dynamic rhythms, groups from the entire Alpine region, and above all a great atmosphere: this is Swing on Snow 2024. For the 16th year in a row the Seiser Alm WinterMusicFestival offers a mix of traditional folk music with jazz, soul, pop and classical music. This year, renowned musicians such as the exceptional South Tyrolean guitarist Manuel Randi or the renowned wind ensemble Federspiel await you.

The bands play on the various ski slopes on the Seiser Alm in the morning, at lunchtime they perform in the mountain huts of the Seiser Alm and in the evening the villages of Castelrotto, Siusi, Fiè and Tires host atmospheric after ski concerts. During the WinterMusicFestvial musical enjoyment combines perfectly with skiing.

The 16th edition of Swing on Snow will take place twice over three days from 14.03.-16.03.2024 and from 20.03.-22.03.2024. The concerts are free of charge and there is no seat reservation needed.  An environmentally-friendly arrival is requested!
Swing on Snow Concerts
Which artists appear in Swing on Snow? And when and where do the concerts take place? All events at a glance!

Tiger Dixie at cable car Seiser Alm from 9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m.
Daily 15.03.-19.03.2023 Valley station cable car Seiser Alm
Tiger Dixie

Swing on Snow Band on the slopes from 11.00 a.m.  to 12.00 a.m.
Wednesday, 15.03.2023 Laurin, Spitzbühl, Panorama
Thursday, 16.03.2023 Floralpina, Florian
Friday, 17.03.2023 Goldknopf, Paradiso
Saturday, 18.03.2023
Puflatsch, Euro
Sunday, 19.03.2023 Piz, Mezdí, Sanon

Concert in the huts from 12.00 p.m. to 3.00 p.m.
Location Noon
Wednesday, 15.03.2023 Alpenhotel Panorama
Thursday, 16.03.2023 Laranzer hut
Friday, 17.03.2023 Hotel Goldknopf
Katrin & Werner
Saturday, 18.03.2023
Baita Molignon Jazz Banditen
Sunday, 19.03.2023 Hotel Icaro
Pavel Shalman & Boki Radenkovic feat. Dušan Milenković 

Evening concerts from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Location Evening
Wednesday, 15.03.2023 Hotel Kastel Seiser Alm
Thursday, 16.03.2023 Heubad
Katrin & Werner
Friday, 17.03.2023 Cyprianerhof Jazz Banditen
Saturday, 18.03.2023
Pavel Shalman & Boki Radenkovic

The concerts are free of charge and there is no seat reservation needed.
Swing on Snow bands & musicians 2023

7 bands and musicians of the alpine area meet in March 2023 for a special and extraordinary musical event in the Alpe di Siusi Dolomites Region. Hot sounds and compelling beats resonate with trombones, bass, dulcimer, accordion. And the combinations are among the most diverse, such as sweet Swiss Hanottere accompanied by drums.


  • Tiger Dixie (I)
    The Tiger Dixie Band plough their musical mastery into recapturing the jazz of the “Roaring Years” and injecting it with an original, contemporary feel. Faithful to the quintessential nuances of New Orleans, Chicago-style, Charleston and Ragtime in both style and spirit (all the more so as a number of their instruments are vintage originals), the overall sound is testimony to the contemporary musical experiences of the band members: In their execution, arrangements and improvisations, the Tiger Dixie Band steer well clear of a trite “revival” effect and underscore the heartfelt message that this musical style, like Swing and Bebop, has never aged.

    Paolo Trettel - trumpet | Stefano Menato - clarinet | Fiorenzo Zeni - tenor sax | Luigi Grata - trombone | Giorgio Beberi - bass sax | Andrea Boschetti - banjo | Daniele Patton -drums
  • Swing on Snow Band (A/I)
    A mobile and flexible constellation of 5 open-minded guys present melody, harmony and rhythm in terms of a rebirth of traditional folk - and other songs...

    Fabian Baumgartner - organic guitar |  Charly Schmid - natural horn |  Manuela Kloibmüller - ac acc


  • Aluna (I)
    Offering up a bare-bones description of Aluna seems to be a fairly straightforward matter: One viola, two guitars, one trombone, one double bass and five voices – all from South Tyrol – playing music from every corner of the world. A cover band without a drummer, then? Well, it’s not quite so simple. “Aluna” is a word from the multilingual vocabulary of the Kogi, Arhuaco und Wiwa mountain people who retreated to the high-mountain ranges of Colombia 400 years ago to escape the Spanish conquistadors. At that time, the word “aluna” referred to the collective soul, the thoughts and the imagination. Today, the five-piece Aluna ensemble from the multilingual mountainous lands of South Tyrol – ably assisted by their own multicultural inspiration – bring us a soulful adaptation of music from countless lands and cultures of the world.

    Zeno Braitenberg - viola, accordion, vocals | Umberto Carrescia - guitar, vocals  | Gregor Marini - guitar, vocals | Gigi Grata - trombone, trumpet, vocals | Hartwig Mumelter double bass, vocals
  • Stelzhamma (A)
    Stelzhamma perform old, traditional tunes and futuristic folk from the Upper Austria region with a distinctly jazzy twist intermingled with a variety of styles, devised with serious intent and brought to the stage with light-hearted wit. These four musicians bring refreshing and fast-paced interpretations, ever with a glimmer of wit and a swinging ease. Adaptations of and reflections on songs familiar to everybody in these lands include "Wos is heit fia Tag", "Linzerische Buam" , "Drin im Haselgrabn", "Lustige Eicht," all of which take their place alongside original compositions by these award-winning musicians.

    Charly Schmidt - saxophone | Günter Wagner – accordion | H.-G. Gutternigg – tuba | Ewald Zach – drums


  • Katrin & Werner Unterlercher (A)
    Folk harp and double bass – a combination as new as the instruments themselves are old. And the sparks are indeed flying, with a contemporary yet familiar sound and a decidedly eco-friendly, innovative feel. The new springing forth from the old: Isn’t this exactly what our world needs? The music of the future, overflowing with joy in life.

    Katrin Unterlercher - harp, vocals | Werner Unterlercher - double bass, vocals


  • Eddie Luis Jazzbanditen (A)
    A fearless revival of yesteryear. Five jazz musicians roar and whisper with endless spontaneity, joy in playing and a sensitive feel for their instruments in a range which embraces jazz, folk, pop, dance and cinema music. Everything’s possible and nobody knows what‘s going to come next - not even the musicians themselves.

    Markus Pechmann - trumpet | Eddie Luis - bass tuba | Milos Milojevic - clarinet, sax | Dule Rademkovic - drums | Boki Radenkovic - accordion, guitar


  • Pavel Shalman & Boki Radenkovic (A)
    Musicians through to their souls, this duo will lead you on a round-the-world voyage filled with virtuoso musicianship, beautiful melodies and humour. Jewish violinist Pavel Shalman and Serbian multi-instrumentalist Boki Radenkovic merge and magnify musical inspiration drawn from the Balkans, Eastern Europe, Latin America and the musette & tarantella of Central Europe, through to klezmer, tango, classical music and jazz. This music is awash with flavours, nuance, thrills and intrepid improvisations that break down musical borders, in a celebration of tradition and a healthy disdain for stifling conventions. The only rule? To disregard the rules!

    Pavel Shalman – violin | Božidar “Boki” Radenkovic – accordion, guitar & vocals
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