Music on the slopes
Music on the slopes
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Swing on Snow

Five days of music on the ski slopes and in the huts on the Seiser Alm and in the villages at the foot of the Sciliar mountain, sweet melodies and dynamic rhythms, groups from the entire Alpine region, and above all a great atmosphere: this is Swing on Snow 2022. For the 15th year in a row the Seiser Alm WinterMusicFestival offers a mix of traditional folk music with jazz, soul, pop and classical music.

The bands play on the various ski slopes on the Seiser Alm in the morning, at lunchtime they perform in the mountain huts of the Seiser Alm and in the evening the villages of Castelrotto, Siusi, Fiè and Tires host atmospheric after ski concerts. During the WinterMusicFestvial musical enjoyment combines perfectly with skiing.

The 15th edition of Swing on Snow will take place from March 15 to March 19, 2023. The concerts are free of charge and there is no seat reservation needed.

Swing on Snow has been certified as a “Green Event” by the Land Agency for the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Green Events are those which are organised and conducted around the themes of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Come and join us for an environmentally-friendly extravaganza!
Swing on Snow Concerts
Which artists appear in Swing on Snow? And when and where do the concerts take place? All events at a glance!

Concert in the huts from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.
Location Noon
17.03.-21.03.2021 | daily from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Valley station Seiser Alm Bahn Tiger Dixie
Wednesday, 17.03.2021 Baita Molignon
Aluna (BZ)
Thursday, 18.03.2021 Zallinger
Triolè (BZ)
Friday, 19.03.2021 Baita Laranzer
Pavel Shalman&Boki Radenkovic 
Saturday, 20.03.2021
Panorama Spafudla 
Sunday, 21.03.2021 Icaro  Kerber Brothers (D) 

Evening concerts from 8:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
Location Evening
Wednesday, 17.03.2021 Valentiner Hof
Aluna (BZ)
Thursday, 18.03.2021 Laechler
Pavel Shalman&Boki Radenkovic 
Friday, 19.03.2021 Cyprianerhof Spafudla (A) 
Saturday, 20.03.2021
Schloss Prösels
Aluna & Veit Heinichen (BZ) 

Swing on Snow Band
Wednesday, 17.03.2021 Puflatsch, Euro
Thursday, 18.03.2021 Floralpina, Zallinger
Friday, 19.03.2021 Goldknopf, Paradiso
Saturday, 20.03.2021
Laurin, Spitzbühl, Panorama
Sunday, 21.03.2021 Piz, Mezdí, Sanon
The concerts are free of charge and there is no seat reservation needed.
Swing on Snow bands & musicians 2021

8 bands and musicians of the alpine area meet in March 2021 for a special and extraordinary musical event in the Alpe di Siusi Dolomites Region. Hot sounds and compelling beats resonate with trombones, bass, dulcimer, accordion. And the combinations are among the most diverse, such as sweet Swiss Hanottere accompanied by drums.

  • Frisch g’strichn (I)
    Frisch g’strichn from the Val Pusteria/Pustertal Valley, instantly recognisable for their outstandingly vibrant, upbeat style, reinterpret traditional pieces and well-chosen folk music with such zest and energy that no listener could fail to get up onto the dance floor. When this band takes the stage the Alpe di Siusi is a blaze of warmth, even in winter.

  • Tiger Dixie (I)
    100 years after the first Original Dixieland Jazz Band cut the first jazz record, the Tiger Dixie Band set themselves to recreating the sound of the “golden years” of jazz with a studied, contemporary approach to this style of music, and a reinterpretation of New Orleans, Chicago Style and the Charleston using original instruments of the time.

  • Aluna (I)
    In this special ensemble, the members slip into the rule of singer and instrumentalist at the same time. The repertoire consists in an entity similar to a kaleidoscope, where very different and sometimes distant genres are united. Essential from the beginning were the joy of making music and the nonchalance which emerges from the gentlemen slightly turned grey.

  • Alma Swing & Biréli Lagrène "Gypsy Friends" (I)
    The longest lived gypsy jazz quartet in Veneto meets a guitar legend: Bireli Lagrene. Today, after having studied all the various facettes of the modern guitar and collaborating with the best jazzmen in the world, Bireli returns to the music from which it all began, to Django Reinhartd, confirming himself to be one of the greatest heirs of the Maestro, while demostrating that he has created his own nusical languatge, cultured, free and refinde.

  • Katrin & Werner Unterlercher (A)
    Katrin and Werner Unterlercher venture out into new musical terrain with modern, forthright melodies. The emergent harp music echoes the emotions instilled by the vagaries of life and, as such, has the appeal of authenticity. As life brings us times of peace and times of upheaval, so the melodies mirror the same highs and lows. On both a musical and private level, Werner is the musical bedrock of the duo.

  • Spafudla (A)
    A Spafudla is a strange fellow: even if he only has to hold the light panel, he prefers to wave it around. Spafudla are playful, creative creatures, and this is represented in their music as well. Deeply rooted in alpine folk music, they surprise with unusual musical mixtures and inspire the audience with comedy, originality, passion and their unbridled joy of playing.

  • TriOlé (I)
    An accordion, two guitars and a bass...At first, TriOlé reminds of common Gypsy Swing, but stands out from the rest with its own compositions and special arrangements. Tango, bossa, musette and 6/8 rhythms alternate with typical Manouche quotations. At the same time, their origin from the Souith Tyrolean mountains and their love for Slovenian music is unmistakable. The improvisations show influences from jazz, classical and folk music...World music in the best sense of the word.

  • Kerber Brother (D)
    Alpine and transglobal ethno jazz. Alpine fusion is created by the transglobal mix of pure alpine sounds and ethno underground. Captivating rhythms combined with alphorn and "scherzither", contemporary jazz groove with yodel, zither and dulcimer. The original harmonical power and joy of playing of real folk music are authentically transferred to alpine jazz and both reach new meaning through the variety o instruments and styles.

  • Veit Heinichen (D)
    Veit Heinichen has been living and working in Trieste (Italy) for a quarter of a century and is the author of eleven novels set in the port and border city, which have been translated into numerous languages and have received many international awards. So far the focus has been on the Italian Commissioner Proteo Laurenti. In his latest political thriller BORDERLESS, the title says it all, Xenia Zannier is confronted with a criminal network that breaks down all borders. Veit Heinichen will be reading from his works.

  • Swing on Snow Band
    A mobile and flexible constellation of 5 open-minded guys present melody, harmony and rhythm in terms of a rebirth of traditional folk - and other songs...
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