Tourist office Kastelruth

Kraus Platz/Square 2 39040 Kastelruth/Castelrotto
Description to arrive at destination
The Kastelruth Tourist Office is located directly on the village square of Kastelruth.
General description

The Castelrotto Tourism Association is a private organisation operating in Castelrotto and is committed to promoting and marketing tourism products and services. Its mission is to increase the attractiveness of the municipality for travellers and tourists by establishing contacts with businesses, institutions and potential customers in order to improve the image of Castelrotto….

The tasks of the Castelrotto Tourism Association:

  • Marketing of tourist destinations
  • Organisation of events to promote tourism
  • Creation of publications and marketing materials
  • Creation of websites and social media channels for the marketing of the destination
  • Development and implementation of strategies to increase the number of tourist visitors
  • Development of concepts and strategies for sustainable tourism
  • Development of quality standards for the destination
  • Guest information