Vineyard Besserer Hof

Völser Straße 15 39050 Prösler Ried, Völs am Schlern
Description to arrive at destination
Coming from Völs am Schlern it is 6km to the company Faust, after this turn immediately right into the narrow side street, where the sign "Besserer Hof" is indicated. After 700m you will find the winery.
There are parking zones in front of the farm and in the surrounding area.
General description
Already the fourth and fifth generation of the Mair winegrowing family is now active in viticulture. Modern ideas thus meet traditional knowledge gained through experience. Since 1998 Otmar and Rosmarie produce together with their sons Philipp and Hannes.
The Besserer Hof is the southernmost winery in South Tyrol's Valle Isarco. It is located at the foot of the Sciliar area in the Dolomites. The vineyards are located between 350m above sea level just below the farm and extend to vineyards at 900m above sea level. The soils of the various sites produce wines that are convincing for their minerality. Character wines are created, which are independent and hardly comparable. The location of Besserer Hof between the cool currents from the Valle Isarco and the foothills from the warm Bolzano basin result in an optimal temperature difference between day and night. This leads to an extraordinary intensity and fruitiness of the white and red wines. In addition, precipitation is low in relation to similar areas in the Alps and sunshine hours are abundant.
At Besserer Hof at the foot of the Sciliar, eight different grape varieties are currently processed into red wines or white wines. Discover with us the different wines at a tasting at Besserer Hof: from the fruity Zweigelt, to the traditional Pinot Blanc, to the Chardonnay, which is aged as Riserva in wooden barrels.
Recommended period
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December