Hotel Heubad

Schlernstr. 13 39050 Völs am Schlern
Description to arrive at destination
At the traffic circle in Völs am Schlern take the exit in direction Obervöls-Ums and follow the Schlernstraße for 220m, the hotel is then on the left side.
There are parking spots at the Hotel and around.
General description
The natural mountain hay contains essential oils, minerals and trace elements, as well as proteins and starch. In combination with our knowledge, it achieves its health-promoting effect, which is based on the three pillars of: detoxification, relaxation and regeneration.

Not only for prevention, but also for the relief of a variety of health-related ailments, bathing guests have been coming to the Völser Heubad for over a hundred years. 

The original Völser Heubad combines tradition and progress. Based on old knowledge about South Tyrolean hay and water baths, it is our task to introduce the natural raw material mountain hay into new contemporary applications.
May 3 2024 - November 3 2024
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