Fountain Runker Farm Fiè allo Sciliar

Via Bolzano 4 39050 39050 Fiè allo Sciliar
Fountain Runkerhof Farm
Description to arrive at destination
The drinking water fountain is located at Runkerhof Farm at Obervöls. From the roundabout in Fiè, follow the road towards Obervöls until you reach the Hotel Heubad. On the left side of the road, the way number 1 begins in the direction of the Völser Weiher lake, we follow this way until we reach the Runkerhof farm, which is right next to the way, where the fountain is also located.

To reach this fountain, you can park at the parking lot in Fiè at the bus stop. From there you can reach the fountain on foot.

General description

In the course of the project "Respect the Mountains", the certified fountains of the municipality of Fiè allo Sciliar were collected and published. The fountains invite you to fill up reusable bottles with fresh and high-quality drinking water.

Public transport

The sight is easily and comfortably accessible by public transport.

By busline no. 176 from Völs am Schlern to "Braunhof".
From there you can reach the fountain on foot.

Recommended period
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December