Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern is famed for its mild climate and is a much-loved destination as a health resort for both health conscious travelers and gourmand holidaymakers.
  • The home town of the hay-bath
  • Culinary October dedicated to the Fiè culinary repertoire
  • Sciliar International Music Festival
  • Laghetto di Fiè/Völser Weiher Lake
  • Close to Bolzano/Bozen
Close to Bolzano, Fiè allo Sciliar has evolved from traditional village with a fresh summer climate into a health resort in a breathtakingly beautiful location. Fiè allo Sciliar is ideal for a health and nature holiday – not least for the famed hay bath, which has its beginnings here and looks back on a tradition of over 110 years. A holiday in Fiè allo Sciliar also comes up trumps for its culinary and musical excellence: October is dedicated to the regional specialities of the Fiè culinary repertoire, while July sees the Sciliar International Music Festival.

The Laghetto di Fiè Lake, framed by the imposing backdrop of the Sciliar, draws holidaymakers to Fiè allo Sciliar in summer and winter alike. The Laghetto di Fiè is classed as one of the cleanest swimming lakes in Italy, while in winter it becomes an all-natural, open-air ice rink.