Folk festivals/festivals

Festival of the "Maypole"

In 2015, the Krampus Association of Kastelruth brought this old Bavarian tradition to our beautiful municipality and, together with men from our partner municipality of Rottach-Egern (Germany), erected the first maypole on the village square. Since then, the maypole has been a proud symbol of the connection with our traditions and the partnership with Rottach-Egern.
On Saturday, May 4th, around 08:30 a.m., the erection of the new maypole will begin. A party will be held on the village square to mark the raising of the maypole. Food and drink will be provided for the helpers and spectators.

Friday, 03.05.24
Party with the Music Band "Speed Up"

Saturday, 04.05.24
08:30 Maypole erection (everyone can help)
09:30 Festival with musical entertainment: "Völser Böhmische"
13:00 Festival with musical entertainment: "Eisacktaler Tanzlmusig"
Registration required