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The picturesque village of Siusi allo Sciliar, Door to the Dolomites, lies at the foot of the Seiser Alm and the Sciliar/Schlern:
  • Holiday retreat for illustrious guests
  • Theme trails
  • Easy access to the Seiser Alm
As far back as the beginning of the 19th century, the little town in the mountains was a magnet for illustrious artists, crowned heads of State and Russian nobility. Writer Carl Zuckmayer holidayed here in Siusi allo Sciliar, as did Russian researcher Count Aleksej Bobrinski, and the last king of Saxony, Frederick III. The latter is also the namesake of the Veduta del Re/Köngiswarte (Eng. ‘King’s Keep’) lookout point in the Laranza Forest.

A holiday in Siusi promises myriad journeys of discovery along the many theme trails: on the Geologist’s Trail you will travel through 270 million years of the Earth’s history, while families can also follow in the trails of poet and Knight Oswald von Wolkenstein for a time and leap back into the Middle Ages. And if you fancy a glimpse into the fascinating world of boletus, chanterelle, fly agaric and more, just head out along the mushroom trail in Siusi allo Sciliar.

Siusi allo Sciliar has remained true to its rustic, mountain village character, and is also one of the most popular set-off points for tours around the Seiser Alm. The Seiser Alm cable car Valley Station is in Siusi allo Sciliar and takes you quickly and comfortably to Europe’s largest high mountain plateau.
Events in Siusi allo Sciliar
A mix of music festivals, culinary treats and sports competition
Westbound concert
Music festivals, Culinary event
8/24/2019 9 p.m.
Village square Siusi
Strudel festival
Culinary event
9/6/2019 at 2 p.m.
Siusi allo Sciliar
Autumn festival
Culinary event
9/26/2019 2 p.m.
Siusi allo Sciliar

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