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Hotel Heubad: Guided hay baths - the power of alpin herps

The power of alpine herbs. The hay baths in Fiè allo Sciliar have been practiced since 1903. During this guided tour, we will tell you about the culture and the healing effect of the hay bath.

The hay bath originated from a tradition of the farmers who took their night's lodging in the hay barn during haymaking and noticed that after a night in the hay the tiredness of the previous day was blown away. Those who spend their wellness holidays around the Alpe di Siusi can relax in the hay according to an old tradition. The medicinal herbs such as thyme, arnica, cinquefoil and gentian unfold their full effect when you sweat. The grass for the hay bath, interspersed with the many medicinal herbs, is mown exclusively on unfertilised meadows, early in the morning or late in the evening, in order to preserve all the essential essences.

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Yes, Registration at the Tourist Office Fiè until 10.00 a.m.
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