Völs am Schlern

Schlern Music - Chamber Music beneath the Sciliar

Outstanding artists, picturesque venues, culinary delights: Schlern Music, directed by Chiara Tonelli and Philipp von Steinaecker, invites the audience to experience chamber music in a unique setting. Featuring Nitzan Bartana, Nicola Birkhan, Afanasy Chupin, Maximilian Hornung, Volker Jacobsen, Jakob Kammerlander, Andrea Obiso, Paul Rivinius, Roberto di Ronza, Philipp von Steinaecker, Camilla Tilling, Chiara Tonelli, Alessio Dainese and Petra Lantschner.

Claude Debussy
for solo flute

Erwin Schulhoff
Concertino W75
for flute, viola and double bass

Charles Ives
The Unanswered Question*
for trumpet, winds and strings

* in collaboration with
Musikkapelle Völs am Schlern

With: Chiara Tonelli, Nicola Birkhan, Roberto di Ronza, Andrea Obiso, Afanasy Chupin, Volker Jacobsen, Nicola Birkhan, Maximilian Hornung, Philipp von Steinaecker, Nitzan Bartana, Chiara Tonelli, Petra und Paul
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