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The "Bischofsweg" from Siusi

Via Sciliar/Schlernstraße 16 39040 Seis am Schlern/Siusi allo Sciliar
General description

Starting point: Siusi/Seis (1.004 mt.) Duration: 2:00 Difference in elevation: 207 m Difficulty rating: easy Cover footpath 1-8 to go across a wood from Siusi/Seis (1.004 mt.) to Waldrast Hotel. On good paths arrive at the road which goes to Bagni Razzes/Bad Ratzes, a location with a centuries-old fame as therapeutic bath. Nobles and diplomats of many countries loved to spend here their holidays. Behind the hotel go over the Rio Freddo/Frötschbachto reach footpath number 3. The forest road is initially ascending, but then proceeds plainly. Here there’s a fantastic view of the Sciliar/Schlern. Behind the bucks’ crib proceed on the footpath that goes to Castelvecchio/Hauenstein ruins (1201 mt.). Here lived many centuries ago the famous knight and poet Oswald von Wolkenstein and his family (about 1 hour from Siusi/Seis). Now follow footpath number 3, which crosses a wood and arrives at Castle Salego/Salegg ruins (1120 mt.). The lords of Salego/Salegg probably were native to Castelrotto/Kastelruth. Their historic tracks date back to 12th century. Unfortunately only some ruins remain of the ancient castle, but some walls suggest that it should have been restructured already in 16th century. From the Salego/Salegg Hotel go back on footpath number 3 b to cross the wood and arrive at Siusi/Seis.

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