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Hot Stone Massage
General description


Classic Massage:
Full body massage
- Partial body massage

Relaxing Massage:
Reaxation massage
- Reaxation massage for couple

Aromatic Oil Massage

Sports Massage:
This soothing and invigorating massage is ideal before or after sport and helps prevent muscle aches and the risk of sport-related injuries.

- Full body massage
- Partial body massage

Head, Neck, and Back Massage:
This head-neck-back massage is targeted at loosening tension and activating the self-regulation of your body. Loosens blockades and enhances blood circulation.

Back and Foot Massage:
Energy meridians along the back and feet are gently massaged to increase the body’s ability to heal itself. You will experience lasting muscle relaxation, your back is strengthened.

Head Massage:
Slow, circling movements create an incredible sense of well- being, loosen tension and give you a radiant complexion.

Lymph-Stimulating Massage:
This massage very gently stimulates the lymph circulation in your body, detoxifies and relaxes.

Hot Stone:
From the energy of the stones, to harmony for body and mind. A ritual of deep relaxation massage and the effect of warm lava stones and premium essential oils.