Exclusive children’s skis
Exclusive children’s skis
The best skis to have fun on the Seiser Alm

Seiser Alm kids’ skis

For kids only.

Under the slogan „Everybody on the slopes! Design the Seiser Alm Kids Ski” the family-friendly skiing resort Seiser Alm in South Tyrol held a unique competition. A total of around 100 very different and innovative designs were submitted. Children of the elementary school did the preselection and afterwards a public election chose the winner ski.
Family happiness
Young and old discover the Seiser Alm together: Yippee, family time!
Seiser Alm kids’ skis by Atomic
This children’s ski are produced by the world-famous ski brand Atomic and are available in retail outlets and local ski rental stations in our holiday region. In the design of the winner ski there are some hidden animals, which live in the snow-covered forests of the Dolomites Region Seiser Alm. On first sight these animals are not easily visible, but if you look better four little friends appear.
> Here some technical information and curiosity about the design of this ski.

Ski rentals with the Kids Ski

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K&K Sports Seiser Alm
Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway mountain station
Compaccio, 48 (ufficio Skipass)
Siusi allo Sciliar
Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway valley station
Tel. +39 0471 707629
Sporthaus Fill Castelrotto, via Wegscheid, 10/A
Tel. +39 0471 707227
Sport Hans Alpe di Siusi, Compaccio, 31/A info@sporthans.com
Tel. +39 0471 727824 
Ski-Service Erich Karbon Castelrotto, via Marinzen, 27 info@skiservicekarbon.com
Tel. +39 0471 706061
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