Kneipp Trail at the Völser Weiher lake

39050 Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar
Description to arrive at destination

By car:
Driving from Völs am Schlern in the direction of Seis am Schlern, already after one kilometer there is St. Anton and there you have to turn right at the crossing up with signs "Völser Weiher". Then drive to the end of the road where the parking lot is located on the left side.






Parking directly next to the Völser Weiher lake.

General description

An inviting Kneipp trail on the shores of the Völser Weiher lake is a wonderful spot to enjoy a walk in the water. A notice board offers you suggestions on how to get the most out of the Kneipp method as you tread through the fresh waters: a much-loved favourite with children and adults alike, your whole body will feel the benefits of a Kneipping session at the Völser Weiher lake. This short Kneipp route leads along a stone-filled waterway, stimulating the circulation and the blood flow.


Public transport

From May to October take the shuttle bus no. 13 that departs from Völs am Schlern to St. Anton and then directly to the lake.

Recommended period
May, June, July, August, September