From hut to hut
From hut to hut
Hut tour on the Seiser Alm

Hiking and culinary pleasures

Multi-day hut tour on the Seiser Alm

A must for all Dolomite fans: This multi-day hut tour leads to the most beautiful spots of the holiday region of the Seiser Alm, and boasts fairytale-like views over the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites- The first stage leads to the Schlern massif which, with its distinctive shape, is the emblem of South Tyrol. On the following day the tour leads on to the Tierser Alpl refuge, the private mountain hut with the distinctive red roof and onwards to the Plattkofelhütte hut, at the foot of the Plattkofel.
Hike over hill and dale.
56km² hiking paradise, 450km of paths, imposing Dolomite peaks and wonderful sunshine. Are your rucksacks already packed?
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The Dolomites region Seiser Alm boasts 450 kilometres of hiking trails to suit every taste: Leisure hikers can head out on a mountain cabin tour, while the more ambitious will be drawn to the peaks of the Dolomites. Farm-to-farm walks, tours of the mountain meadows and culinary hikes at the foot of the Seiser Alm are also a great attraction for long walks in spring and autumn. Numerous trails have a theme which is closely linked to the Seiser Alm: from the Geologist’s trail to the Oachner Höfeweg Farm Trail through to the “Path of Legends” saga trail.
Attention mountain lovers
For a safe adventure in the mountains, Alpine hikers can place their trust in the experience of an expert hiking or mountain guide and set out together on a trekking tour in the Dolomites.