Karlotten Kofel

O.v.Wolkenstein square 6 39040 Seis am Schlern
Karlotten Kofel
Not far from Seis, there is a hushed spot with a view beyond compare: The Karlotten Kofel hill. At the highest point of the volcanic rock and at the foot of the shimmering red porphyry of the mountain face, the incredible view opens out onto the mighty massif of the Schlern - and no less than seven chruch towers! Through the heat of the lava and the exceptionally sunny location, the vegetation here is surprisingly Mediterranean.
The Karlotten Kofel - Gazing outward and inward. The Schlern and seven church towers. Stop and listen to the silence.
To the Karlotten Kofel - From Seis center, take the road to St. Oswald until you reach the Peterlunger farm, then turn to your left and follow trail no. 7A until you come to the Felderer fork, walk up the cobbled path, cross the road at the Furscherhof and continue onwards to the Karlotten Kofel. The return route leads along the same trail or, alternatively, when you come to the Felderer farm, follow the trail that leads in sweeping curves past the Furscher Weiher lake and take the Burgfrieden road back to Seis.
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