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Bus connections in the Dolomites Region Seiser Alm.

Discovering the Seiser Alm by bus


Shuttle Buses (Bus Route 1, 2, 3, 3A, 5, 13 and 15)
The following tickets are accepted in the Shuttle Buses as a ticket: Combi Card, Nordic Pass, Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass and all tickets of the Public Transport Services Alto Adige/Südtirol. For all other passengers the one-day-ticket (2.50 €),
the three-day-ticket (5.00 €) and the seven-day ticket (7.00 €) are available at the Automatic Ticket Distribution, the one-day ticket is also available at the information office of Seis am Schlern and probably at your hotel or other accommodation. It is not possible to purchase tickets on the shuttle buses, except on the Bus Route 13 (Völser Weiher lake). Children (0-7 years) free of charge.
Attention: The ski pass only entitles you to use the lifts and is not valid as a ticket in the shuttle and public buses. 

Public transport buses (Bus Route 170, 172, 176, 177,179 and 185)
On public buses all tickets of the Public Transport Services are valid. The tickets are issued on the bus. Also the Guest card “Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass” is valid on all public services. Tickets for the Shuttle-Buses (1-day, 3-day and 7-day, Combi Card and Nordic Pass) are not accepted on public services. Children (0-5) free of charge.

Seiser Alm Express (Bus Route 10): Seis am Schlern>Kastelruth>Seiser Alm
The Seiser Alm Express is included only in the Combi Card and the Nordic Pass. All other tickets are not valid not even the Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass. When purchased singly, a round-trip ticket costs 19.00 Euro. You can purchase tickets directly on the buses. Children (0-7 years) free of charge.

Almbus (Bus Route 11): Compatsch > Saltria
The Almbus is included only in the Combi Card and in the Nordic Pass. All other tickets also the Südtirol Alto Adige Guest Pass are not valid. Rates for other users: one-way ticket 2.50 Euro, one-day ticket 5.00 Euro (you can purchase tickets directly in the buses and at the Automatic Ticket Distribution on the Seiser Alm).

Saltria > Monte Pana (Bus Route 12) | only in the winter season
Use of the coach only against payment. One-way trip: 4,00€, return ticket: 7,00€. All other tickets and ski passes are not valid! (You can purchase the tickets directly on the buses and at the Automatic Ticket Distribution in Saltria).

In the Buses, the dogs must wear a muzzle.

Bicycle Transport:
In the shuttle buses (routes 2, 3, 3A, 5, 13, 15), in the Seiser Alm Express (route 10) and in the Almbus (route 11) the transportation of bikes is not allowed.

Covid 19 Information - Safe Holiday Region

  • reduction of transport capacity to 50%
  • FFP2 face mask for guests (comulsory from 12 years) in the gondolas
Always follow these basic rules to guarantee overall safety:

*FFP2 face mask (comulsory from 12 years)

With your prudence, you protect yourself as well as others! Thank you for your help!
General informations
Bus routes
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Shuttle timetables | High season
Bus route 2 - Völs am Schlern
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Bus route 3/3A - Kastelruth
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Bus route 5 - S. Valentino/Bad Ratzes
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Bus route 10 - Seiser Alm Express
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Bus route 11 - Almbus
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Bus route 13 - Weiherbus Laghetto di Fié
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Timetable Nightliner Schlern N170
from 13.08.2021 Friday and Saturday night
Shuttle timetables | Lows season
Bus route 5 - S. Valentino/Bad Ratzes
21.05.-11.06.2021 | 05.09.-02.11.2021
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Bus route 10+11 - Seiser Alm Express+Almbus
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Public transport buses timetables
Bus route 170 - Bozen-Kastelruth-Brixen
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Bus route 176 - Seis-Völs-Ums-Prösels-Tiers
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Bus route 179 - Seis-Kastelruth-Compatsch-Saltria
03.11.-02.12.2021 (when the cable car is closed)
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Bus route 185 - Paolina-Tiers-Bozen
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Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway, Shuttle and Public buses
Taxi & rental car with driver
Bus corporation Silbernagl
Bus corporation Silbernagl
Schlernstr. 39/1
Seis am Schlern/Siusi allo Sciliar 39040 Italy
Auto Sepp
Auto Sepp
St. Konstantin Pfarrmoos 15
Völs am Schlern/Fiè allo Sciliar 39050 Italy
Taxi Hermobil
Taxi Hermobil
Unteraichaweg 1
Fiè allo Sciliar/Völs am Schlern 39050 Italy
Goller Reisen
Goller Reisen
Panider Str. 38
Kastelruth/Castelrotto 39040 Italy
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