Church St Mary Magdalene´s in Tagusens

Tagusens 39040 Tagusens
Description to arrive at destination
From Kastelruth or Seis direction Waidbruck, then turn left to Tisens and continue to Tagusens.
Parking in front of the church.
General description
High above the entrance into the Val Gardena, to the north of Kastelruth and surrounded by meadows and forest, lies the hamlet of Tagusens. The little church dedicated to St Mary Magdalenen stands at the edge of the dispersed settlement on a distinctive rocky hill. Its position permits the conjecture that a cult site may have already been located here in pre-Christian times. The church building itself is from the Romanesque period and was presumably built in the 13th c., later modified in the Gothic style and finally adapted to the Baroque in 1667.
Public transport
The church is easily accessible via the following public connections: by bus line 170 from Völs am Schlern to Seis am Schlern. From Seis am Schlern or Kastelruth with bus line 177 to Tagusens.
Recommended period
January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December