Dear Visitors,

for the preservation and protection of cultural property and for your own safety, we ask you to observe the following instructions:

Most cultural assets (museums/churches/Castel Prösels) in the dolomite region Seiser Alm are only open during the designated hours.

It’s forbidden to park bicycles at cultural assets, fountains and historic buildings.

Access is at your own risk.
Please pay attention to uneven surfaces! Appropriate shoes are recommended!

Large rucksacks, wet and sharp objects are not permitted in museums, churches and the castle!

Leaning over parapets and railings and climbing up walls is prohibited!
Exhibits may not be touched.

Eating, drinking and smoking are prohibited in museums, churches and the castle.

Dogs are not allowed in churches and in the Visitor Center Nature Park Schlern-Rosengarten.

Liability for damage is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

Please supervise your children. Parents are responsible for their children. Running and pushing are not permitted!
If you are responsible for a group of children or a school class, please ensure that the children and pupils behave appropriately.

Please familiarise yourself with the escape routes when visiting the museum or castle. Escape plans are posted and provide information on the location of fire extinguishers and safety rules, fire extinguishers and the rules of behaviour in the event of fire or accident.
In the event of an alarm, please remain calm, leave the building as quickly as possible and go to the assembly point.

Photography is generally permitted.

Private property, boundaries and fences must be respected. It is forbidden to enter lawns with tall grass, cultivated fields or other agricultural land.

The instructions of personnel or authorised persons must be respected.

We wish you a pleasant stay.