1. Appropriate speed and behavior: Each skier must adapt speed and driving manner to his or her ability, current conditions (signage, slope conditions, visibility, traffic) and safety regulations.

2. Direction of travel and overtaking: skiers must maintain a clear direction of travel to avoid collisions. Overtaking is permitted, both left and right. It is important to maintain sufficient distance from other skiers.

3. Avoid dangerous spots:
Skiers should not stop in narrow places, behind hills or in areas without sufficient visibility. The goal is to minimize danger to others. If necessary, they should move to the edge of the slope.

4. Parking the equipment:
in shelters or other areas, skiers should park equipment off the slope to not block the path or endanger others.

5. Respect access rules: Access to the slopes on foot or with snowshoes is not normally allowed, except in urgent cases. People without skis must remain at the edge of the slope.

6. Behavior in case of accidents: In case of an accident, everyone is required to render aid. If you are involved in the accident, you must give your personal details. The emergency number is 112.

7. Alcohol on the slopes:
It will be forbidden to ski in a state of drunkenness (the limits laid down in the Highway Code will be applied, i.e. 0.5 mg of alcohol per litre of blood) or under the influence of drugs.

8. Observance of slope regulations:
Ski touring on the slopes is strictly prohibited.

9. Ski insurance: From 01/01/2022 on, every user of the ski areas must have third-party liability insurance. The skipass does not include insurance. Those who do not have this insurance can buy it at the skipass offices or on the website dolomitisuperski.com even for single days, through the Dolomiti Superski partner, Snowcare. The most common insurance policies of this kind, including those for families, already cover the area of "winter sports" - it is nevertheless recommended to clarify this with your own insurance company.
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10. Helmets:
Helmets will be compulsory for all minors involved in the most common winter sports, such as downhill skiing, snowboarding, telemark skiing, freestyle skiing and tobogganing.

It is extremely important to follow these rules of behavior to ensure everyone's safety on the slopes. Respect for other skiers, awareness of our surroundings, and appropriate behavior will help ensure that time spent on the slopes is safe and enjoyable for all.