Day visitors
to the Seiser Alm can park their car free of charge in the large open car park at the vally station of the Seiser Alm cable car in Seis am Schlern.

Car park at the valley station (P1)

Great car park with two parking levels on the Valley Station. Fee: 1.50 Euro/hour, max. 6.00 €/day. Price: 7 days 30.00€, 14 days 45.00€.

E-car charging station for guests of the Seiser Alm Aerial Cableway

At the valley station of the Seiser Alm cable car there were installed three E-car charing stations. One of them is located outside, the other two are inside the park house (P1 and P2). These are hyperchargers where an E-car can be charged with a power from 100 kW to 150 kW, that means that currently popular E-cars can be chared in about half an hour. With the "Neogy eMobility" app, you can see all the public e-charging stations in your area, reserve them, start the charging process and pay.

Those who prefer to drive up to the Seiser Alm by car themselves instead of taking the Seiser Alm cable car must pass the S. Valentino forest station before 9:00 a.m. The road leading to the Seiser Alm Nature Protection Reserve is closed from 9am to 5pm (exception for guests of facilities located in the Seiser Alm). The P1 car park Spitzbühl is free, the daily fee for the P2 car park Compatsch is 26.50€ for cars and 160.00 € for buses.
With an identity card for the disabled you can drive to Compatsch at every time of the day and park at P2 in Compatsch for free.

Guests who have booked in an accommodation on the Seiser Alm can park directly at the accommodation.

In the off-season (middle of April-middle of May and beginning of November-beginning of Dicember), the Seiser Alm cable car is closed, and the road to Compatsch is open all day for private transport. At the Seiser Alm, you can park your car at the free car park Spitzbühel or on the paid car park P2 in Compatsch. The daily fee for the P2 car park Compatsch is 13.00€ for cars and 80.00 € for buses. The parking fee is only payable from mid-April to mid-May.

Wild camping is strictly prohibited in the Seiser Alm nature reserve and in the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park.