To avoid nasty surprises on the mountain, it is essential to check the current weather forecast before each tour. If there is a risk of thunderstorms, the tour should be postponed. Safety first.

If you are surprised by a thunderstorm on the mountain, be aware of several potential dangers:

  • poor visibility
  • slippery ground
  • threat of lightning strikes

We recommend taking these dangers seriously and taking appropriate precautions:

  • Rain can affect visibility. Be aware of your surroundings and use moments of better weather and ground markings to orientate yourself better.
  • Precipitation can make the ground slippery. Walk carefully and avoid steep or dangerous paths.
  • If lightning strikes are possible, keep away from exposed rockfaces and generally anything that might act as a conductor, such as trees or isolated boulders. If you are on a climbing route, be sure to take the nearest exit!
  • During heavy rain streams can swell and become dangerous, cross them at marked points. Vertical walls can be dangerous and so metal objects, which should be removed during thunderstorms.
  • It is important to move away from danger zones, move to a safe place and pay attention to local warnings.
  • Make sure you can communicate in case of emergency. Inform your host in advance about your hiking/climbing trip, this can save lives in case of emergency.