Chamber music under the Schlern mountain
Chamber music under the Schlern mountain
from different eras, from classical to contemporary
Autumn pleasures in the Dolomites 🍂

Schlern Music

19.05. - 22.05.2022

Young performers, exciting concert programs and unusual stages turn the chamber music festival under the Sciliar into something truly special.
With the chamber music festival Schlern Music, Völs am Schlern is setting a distinctive, new cultural accent that draws on a fresh artistic concept, young performers and unusual small concert stages.

In May 2022 the festival will host concerts by Simply Quartet from Vienna, Leonkoro Quartett from Berlin, the Italian accordionist Samuele Telari and the Spanish clarinetist Pablo Barragán. In addition, a special cooperation with the church choir of Völs am Schlern is part of the program.

This year‘s venues range from hidden chapels to picturesque wineries and taverns to unexpectedly spacious production facilities of local businesses. These include Caroma coffee roastery, Prösels Castle, Romantik Hotel Turm, Stangelerhof, St. Kathrein, Völs am Schlern parish church, Malfertheiner carpentry and the Prackfol winery.

The international musicians performing at the 2022 Schlern Music

Ten young, talented artists will be performing at the 2022 Schlern Music Festival in Fíe this May. The audience was already won over when some of them performed a preview concert in June 2021: the Simply Quartet, Vienna, or Samuele Telari, an accordion virtuoso from Tuscany will now return to the stage, joined by the Leonkoro quartet from Berlin, and Spanish clarinet player Pablo Barragán.
The two string quartets will be joined by two charming soloists to add that extra special touch to the Festival with a varied choice of instrumental and powerful combinations.


Place Artist
Thursday, 19.05.2022
5:00 pm
Romantik Hotel Turm | Völs am Schlern
  • Simply Quartet
Thursday, 19.05.2022 9:00 pm
Stanglerhof (OPENING) | St. Konstantin

19:00 | Doors Open & Aperitivo-time
19:30 | Stangler Bufett

Table reservations:
Tel. +39 348 865 97 39 /
  • Samuele Telari & Pablo Barragán
  • Simply Quartet
  • Leonkoro Quartet
Friday, 20.05.2022
2:00 pm
Church St. Kathrein | Völser Aicha
  • Leonkoro Quartet
  • Pablo Barragán 
Friday, 20.05.2022
5:00 pm
Prackfoler Hof | Völser Aicha
  • Simply Quartet
  • Pablo Barragán 
Friday, 20.05.2022  9:00 pm
Malfertheiner joinery | St. Anton
  •  Leonkoro Quartet
Saturday, 21.05.2022
11:00 am
Caroma coffee roasty | St. Anton
  • Simply Quartet
  • Pablo Barragán
  • Samuele Telari
  • Leonkoro Quartet
Saturday, 21.05.2022  5:00 pm
Jogwiese | Huber Weiher
  • Samuele Telari
  • Pablo Barragán
Saturday, 21.05.2022 8:30 pm
Church Völs am Schlern
  • Simply Quartet
  • Pablo Barragán
  • Kirchenchor Völs am Schlern
Sunnday, 22.05.2022
11:00 am
Prösels Castle (FINALE) | Prösels
  • Samuele Telari
  • Simply Quartet
  • Leonkoro Quartet
  • Pablo Barragán 
All concerts are free of charge!

The venues of Schlern Music 2022

The main role at a chamber music festival is the music. What distinguishes Schlern Music, however, are the encounters between performers and audience and an uncomplicated, non-academic approach to music. The carefully selected venues are of particular importance, because the hospitality of our partners creates the atmosphere that makes each concert unique and different, rounded off with small but fine culinary accents that match the location. Special attention is paid to regional specialities, the quality products of the many direct marketers in Völser and, of course, the wines of the Völser vintners.

The structural ensemble of the Romantik Hotel Turm consists of five towers, some of which date back to the 13th century. These towers give the hotel its unmistakable character. At the same time, there are terraces at different heights with wonderful views. The prelude to teatime will take place in the spacious hotel bar.


Versatile, colourful and cosmopolitan are the new ideas at the Stanglerhof farm. Many products from berry, herb and grain cultivation, sheep breeding and the vegetable garden are served in the barn, which is made of straw and clay and will also be played by all 10 protagonists of Schlern Music this year.


The church, originally dedicated to St. Michael, is documented in 1293. The colourful frescoes on the southern outer wall from around 1420, which have never been painted over, are worthy of attention. They tell the legend of the Christian king's daughter Catherine of Alexandria in expressive gestures and facial expressions.


Prackfoler Hof was first mentioned in a document in 1429. The name is derived from Latin and means pratum and wallis, i.e. meadow in the valley. From the 17th century onwards, grapes were grown and pressed here for the Lords of Prösels, and the Planer family is already the fourth generation to farm the estate.


The temperatures on the evening of the concert will determine whether the concert will take place in the minimalist industrial ambience of a hall located directly next to the company headquarters or surrounded by the warm scent of wood in the Malfertheiner joinery itself - both scenarios are highly appealing!

A promising scent always hangs over the Caroma coffee roasting house in St. Anton. The premises of the ultra-modern show roastery are once again transformed into a concert hall for Schlern Music. What is probably the world's largest collection of coffee mills and a real coffee garden can also be admired on this occasion.

The Jogwiese above the Huberweiher is part of the low pastures of the Völs am Schlern Alpine pasture cooperative. Since ancient times, the cattle have been gathered here from May onwards before being driven to the high pastures on the Schlern in July. This concert is only possible in excellent weather conditions, information updated daily on and at the tourist office in Völs.

In the middle of the village square sits the parish church of the Assumption of Mary with its baroque onion tower. The church was mentioned as a large Romanesque building as early as 1170, and after a fire it was rebuilt in Gothic style in the 15th century.

The journey comes to a festive conclusion in the picturesque ambience of Prösels Castle, which lies amidst flowering meadows in May. The castle was built around 1200 by the Lords of Völs and expanded into a Renaissance palace complex in the early 16th century by the then governor of Tyrol, Leonhard von Völs. Various rooms of the castle will be played by all the musicians of the festival.

Our venues are easily accessible by public transport or on foot. We thank you for a resource-saving journey:

Bus no. 185 from Tires or Bolzano to the St. Kathrein stop. Walk to Prackfolerhof, from there continue on the Höfeweg, after about 30 minutes you will reach the bus stop Unteraicha, which is also served by bus line 185.

Park at the bus stop "Unteraicha" on the Tierser Straße above Faust. Here take bus no. 185 to St. Kathrein, walk to Prackfolerhof, from there continue along the Höfeweg, after about 30 minutes the path reaches the car park.

With bus 176 from Völs am Schlern directly to St. Kathrein, walk to Prackfol, in about 1 hour back to Völser Aicha, where bus 176 back to Völs and also bus 185 can be reached, if necessary a taxi can be called to Völser Aicha.

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