Less is more. And that goes for packing your backpack too.

Pack only the essentials, and do it right:

  • Regional and seasonal food provisions. Not only are they the best source of energy when you’re out and about, they also foster local cycles and, given the short transportation routes, help to protect the environment.
  • Reusable hiking box. These boxes make great containers both for your provisions and for the ensuing waste. As the saying goes: Whatever you take to the mountains, take it back down again, and dispose of it appropriately.
  • Sufficient fluids, in reusable bottles. You can refill your reusable bottles from drinking water fountains, thus creating less waste.
  • Toilet paper for human needs.Toilet paper biodegrades in 2 - 4 weeks in the countryside as opposed to paper handkerchiefs, which take 5 years.
  • Unnecessary baggage can stay at home. You will find everything you need in the way of refreshments in our mountain hut restaurants and inns.

    Backpack packing checklist for a one-day tour:

    haeckenHiking map
    haeckenWaste bag or box
    haeckenSmall snack
    haeckenRefillable water bottle
    haeckenSun and rain protection
    haeckenFirst - aid kit
    haeckenBlister plasters
    haeckenToilet paper
    haeckenFully charged mobile phone and charging device (emergency number: 112
    haeckenPocket knife
    haeckenWeather-appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear