Less is more. Our mountain scenery is a delicate ecosystem. It is extremely important not to leave any rubbish behind: the climate conditions at this altitude slow down decomposition processes. Some waste, such as plastic, does not degrade at all. It merely disintegrates into microplastics, which stays in the environment. The best kind of waste is waste that is not produced in the first place.

4 tips for a clean environment

  • I never leave anything behind in nature.
  • I only pack the bare necessities in my backpack.
  • What I carry up the mountain, I also bring back down to the valley.
  • I separate and dispose any waste properly when I get back home.


The human needs

Everyone knows this situation...when you have to go, you have to go.

  • To still ensure everyone’s enjoyment of the beauty of holidaying in a natural environment, please note the following:
  • Where available, always use toilet facilities
  • Please use toilet paper (it rots much faster than paper handkerchiefs)
  • After use, take the toilet paper back with you in a special bag or bury it in the ground
  • Keep your distance from streams, lakes and ponds.