The highlights of the Dolomites region and sights around the Seiser Alm invite you to enjoy a variety of experiences. Ruins, museums and chapels in the Dolomites region Seiser Alm are testimonials to history and tradition. Museums such as the farming museum and the school museum give you a glimpse into the everyday life of days gone by, while the churches and chapels bear witness to the religious traditions of the Dolomites. As well as the more traditional attractions, the Dolomites region Seiser Alm is also home to a spectrum of attractions ranging from numerous fairy-tale spots and cult sites right through to ultra-modern architecture including the witches’ benches on the Puflatsch and the witches’ chairs above Kastelruth to the Kostner Atelier and the modern Franziskus church on the Seiser Alm, to name but a few.