The Dolomite region of the Seiser Alm is a natural environment worthy of considerable protection. A mindful approach to nature and the resources at our disposal are the fundamental prerequisites for the long-term preservation of this land both as an area of nature and as a place to live.
The characteristic landscape and biodiversity must be preserved, and, as such, revival of the biodiversity of flora and fauna must be fostered. In order to achieve this, the requisite awareness must be promoted, existing knowledge expanded upon, and the necessary background conditions created.

Given that 27% of indigenous plant species are already at risk, a good many wild plants and flowers in South Tyrol are protected by law.
The Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park in the Dolomite region of the Seiser Alm, founded in 1974, is a protected habitat of unique flora and fauna, and is home to around 790 flowers and ferns. At an area coverage of over 7,291 hectares, this nature park in the western Dolomites offers visitors an insight in a fascinating habitat of magnificent countryside and geomorphological and geological significance. Since 2009, the Dolomites, including the Schlern-Rosengarten Nature Park, have been a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Help us to protect our countryside and our environment!

In general, the rule applies: Admire the plants where they are growing and leave them where they are.