We are born and bred in the mountains and have seen it with our own eyes on countless occasions: Never underestimate the power of nature. To ensure your safety when you’re out in the mountains, we cannot recommend following this list of guidelines strongly enough:

Prepare well for your mountain tours: Take note of the weather forecast, keep in mind the difficulty level of the tour, take the right equipment with you, and wear sturdy footwear. We also recommend sun protection or waterproofs, depending on the weather. There should always be a first-aid kit in your backpack.

Treat the countryside with respect and do not make any unnecessary noise which will scare the wildlife.

Stick to the signposted trails. Close all barriers and gates behind you and be aware that some trails lead through private property.

Treat the plant life with care and be aware that some plants and animals are protected species.

Do not litter
: Bring everything back down to the valley with you.

Be sure to pack enough fluids and use the drinking-water points to refill along the way.

Do not pack anything that is not strictly necessary: You will find everything you need in the way of refreshments in our mountain hut restaurants and inns.

Pack your backpack sustainably.

Do not feed or stroke the cattle.

must always be kept on a lead. Please muzzle your dogs on public transport and cable cars, and use the dog-toilet stations to pick up waste bags, as dog excrement left in fields can cause cows to miscarry their calves.

On trails which are used by both hikers and cyclists, please treat each other and nature with mutual respect.

Emergency number: 112 or the Alpine emergency app for South Tyrol, Tyrol and Bavaria (SOS EU APP)